Most Recent 50 Sources

The Climatographers are constantly adding new books, reports, and journal articles to the Climate Web. We’ll update this page with the 50 most recent such sources on a regular basis, just to give you a flavor for what’s being added. Each link allows you to jump to that source. In some cases you’ll find we’ve had the opportunity to extract key ideas and graphics from the source, in other cases not. But you’ll always be able to see how a source is integrated into the Climate Web, which will help you find other materials you’re likely to be interested in.

2020 TSVCM_Consultation Document
2020 Krohn_Bombarded: How to Fight Back Against the Online Assault on Democracy
2020 Burger_Combating Climate Change with Section 115 of the Clean Air Act
2020 Sabin Center_Draft Executive Order
2020 Sabin Center_Climate Reregulation in a Biden Administration
2020 Sivaram_Energizing America A Roadmap to Launch a National Energy Innovation Mission
2020 Winkler_Putting equity into practice in the global stocktake under the Paris Agreement $$
2020 Parks_Is Climate Change a Crisis And Who Says So An Analysis of Climate Characterization in Major US News Media $$
2020 Holmes_How to Exchange Stories of Local Flood Resilience From Flood Rich Areas to the Flooded Areas of the Future $$
2020 Hathaway_Climate Change the Intersectional Imperative and the Opportunity of the Green New Deal $$
2020 Flachsland_How to avoid history repeating itself the case for an EU Emissions Trading System EU ETS price floor revisited $$
2020 Cui_Co financing in the green climate fund lessons from the global environment facility $$
2020 Colvin_Learning from the Climate Change Debate to Avoid Polarisation on Negative Emissions $$
2020 Heras_Genomic and biochemical evidence of dietary adaptation in a marine herbivorous fish
2020 Tzachor_Famine Dynamics The Self-Undermining Structures of the Global Food System
2020 NGFS_Guide to Climate Scenario Analysis for Central Banks and supervisors
2020 WMO_WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019
2020 WMO_The Global Climate in 2015-2019
2020 Hubau_Asynchronous carbon sink saturation in African and Amazonian tropical forests
2020 Hirschel-Burns_Law Firm Climate Change Scorecard
2020 Sugiyama_The North South Divide on Public Perceptions of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering A Survey in Six Asia Pacific Countries $$
2020 Bodansky_Climate Intervention The Case for Research
2020 Circular Carbon Network_Circular Carbon Market Report
2020 GRI_Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Outlook for 2020
2020 Zahasky_Global geologic carbon storage requirements of climate change mitigation scenarios
2020 Yuan_Would firm generators facilitate or deter variable renewable energy in a carbon-free electricity system
2020 Wood Mackenzie_Future Energy The technologies shaping the energy transition
2020 Wirehn_Analysing trade-offs in adaptation decision-making Agricultural management under climate change in Finland and Sweden
2020 Wei_Self-preservation strategy for approaching global warming tagets in the post-Paris Agreement era
2020 WEF_The Future of Nature and Business
2020 von Braun_Climate change Risks for Agriculture Health and Nutrition
2020 van Oldenborgh_Attribution of the Australian bushfire risk to anthropogenic climate change
2020 van Susteren_Psychology Impacts of Climate Change and Recommendations
2020 Tsani_Sovereign Wealth Funds and Public Financing for Climate Action
2020 TCP_COVID-19 and Inequality A Test of Corporate Purpose
2020 Schneider_Should CORSIA be changed due to the COVID-19 crisis
2020 Redfern_Call to Action from Faith Leaders
2020 Realmonte_Reply to High Energy and Materials Requirement for Direct Air Capture
2020 Realmonte_An inter-mnodel assessment of the role of air capture in deep mitigation pathways
2020 Raven_Biological Extinction and Climate Change
2020 Ramanathan_Well Under 2oC Ten Solutions for Carbon Neutrality and Climate Stability
2020 Pineda_Foundations for Science-Based Net-Zero Target Setting in the Corporate Sector
2020 Phadke_Chinese policy leadership would cool global air conditioning impacts
2020 Palmer_Short-term tests for long-term estimates
2020 Oxfam_Removing Carbon Now How can companies and individuals fund negative emissions technologies
2020 Oil and Gas Technology Centre_Closing the Gap Technology for a Net Zero North Sea
2020 NGFS_The Macroeconomic and Financial Stability Impacts of Climate Change Research Priorities
2020 NGFS_NGFS Climate Scenarios for Central Banks and Supervisors
2020 NGFS_Climate Change and Monetary Policy Initial Takeaways
2020 NCI_Navigating the nuances of net-zero targets