Climate Web Additions


The Climate Web facilitates access to the actionable climate knowledge needed by individuals, companies, and policy-makers for tackling the "wicked problem" of climate change. It is an open-access knowledgebase based on the work of thousands and experts, and the closest thing to a collective climate intelligence existing today. It utilizes advanced TheBrain knowledge management software. Here’s a link to a short explanatory video.

The Climatographers adds all kinds of materials to the Climate Web every month. Books, news and opinion pieces, videos, journal articles, websites, and more. We’re constantly scanning the internet for information that might contribute to actionable climate knowledge.

All of that material is integrated into the Climate Web in a variety of ways, but we thought it might be useful to make the newest additions easy to scan at any time. This climate change micro-website is extracted from the Climate Web to that end.

Contact us here with your feedback and suggestions, and to discuss how micro-sites could advance your climate change objectives. If you value our work on the Climate Web and micro-sites like this one, sign up to stay informed, and consider supporting our Patreon Project.

The Climatographers