November News Links

The Climatographers are constantly adding new News and Opinion pieces to the Climate Web. This list represents News and Opinion additions for the current month, so it will grow over the course of the month. At the end of the month the links will be moved to the ** Last Month’s News page of this climate micro-website. You can click on any of the links to jump directly to the story in question without going through the Climate Web. That said, all of these stories have been integrated into the Climate Web, joining almost 20,000 other News and Opinion pieces organized by hundreds of topical headings.

2020/11 8 Things the Biden Administration Could Do Quickly on the Environment
2020/11 Biden Administration Will Reverse Many Trump Environmental Policies
2020/11 Biden Could Roll Back Trump Agenda with Blitz of Executive Actions
2020/11 Biden Plans to Move Fast with a Climate Administration
2020/11 Biden's Ambitious Climate Plans Will Face Major Limits
2020/11 Biden's Climate Plan Could Reduce Global Warming by About 0.1°C
2020/11 Climate experts react to Joe Biden’s victory
2020/11 Climate Litigants see Cases Buoyed by Biden Pledge of Support
2020/11 Climate promises will crash into regulatory bureaucracy
2020/11 Combating Climate Change with Section 115 of the Clean Air Act
2020/11 Fixing the money meme
2020/11 How Joe Biden plans to use executive powers to fight climate change
2020/11 How Scientists Want Biden to Take on Climate Change
2020/11 Hurricanes weaken more slowly over land as planet warms: study
2020/11 Joe Biden is poised to embed climate action throughout the federal government
2020/11 The Changing Landscape of Climate Policy
2020/11 The first 41 Things Biden Should do First on Climate Change
2020/11 Trump's last-minute environmental rules changes may make things hard for Biden
2020/11 What Are Biden’s Climate Options if the Senate Stays Republican?
2020/11 What the Biden Presidency Could Mean for Climate Change